Coup de tonnerre – Why Strauss-Kahn's arrest is bad for Europe

The detention of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is harmful for Europe.
Or, to put it more concisely, it reduces the EU’s changes for recovery.

The reason is here: Political trends in France

What is important here, is on the one hand the shocking “rise of Ms. Le Pen”. But on the other, we can see that Strauss-Kahn had good chances to be elected next year, despite the decline of its popularity between January and March 2011.
Furthermore, there seems to be some kind of polarisation in the political landscape of France; a trend we can also witness in other Northern European Countries like Germany or Finland.

Therefore, I am not saying that D.S.-K. was the man who would have saved Europe from being locked in a right wing trap. I do not believe that the actual political leaders matter too much when it comes to the implementation of polito-economic concepts. But the candidates matter for elections. And if one candidate is famous and favoured like D.S.-K. was until last weekend, this would have made a difference for the outcome of the following election in France. In fact, it would have been one key determinant for the question if France shifts to the left or even more to the right.
And what Europe desperately needs right now, is a centre-left government in one of its core countries. The fact that there is no core country government in Europe that is willing to address the needs of the peripheral countries for debt restructuring, increased competitiveness, and less tightened monetary policy is one of the major constraints of the EU recovery and one of the greatest dangers for the euro.

The following elections in France will affect the situation of the EU a great deal. And the events last weekend have made it less likely that the outcome will be favourable for a unified Europe.

(By the way @CNN: The Word “Strauss” belongs to the surname. Thus, you should say “Mr. Strauss-Kahn”, not “Mr. Kahn”).

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